To value individual skills and to allow a free creative spirit in order to develop unique products, made by people for people. That was the premise of Barry Parker, town planner that supported the Arts and Crafts Movement and the creator of the neighborhood where the production company that bears his name, Barry Company, is located.

We have gathered a solid costumer portfolio, crafted especially to attend all demands of the challenging Brazilian and international audience with instigating and universal stories. Recently, the company produced movies such as the feature film “Petit Mal”, by Lucas Camargo de Barros and Nicolas Thomé Zetune, which had its world premiere in the recent edition of FIDMarseille.

Another important title of the company is the television movie ‘“Love Squared” (Amor ao Quadrado), directed by René Sampaio, a coproduction with Globo Filmes, and audience highlight in the TV Globo programming of the end of the year. It’s also the coproducer of the documentary “4All”, by Marcelo Mesquita, and that, acclaimed by the critics, had its unfolding in a tv series in the tv show, “Caldeirão do Huck”, called “Caldeirão Paratodos”.

“Admirável Móvel Novo”, in its fifth season to the channel GNT (a Globosat channel), and the awarded movies “Tatuapé Mahal Tower”, a short film by Carolina Markowicz and Fernanda Salloum, and “Brazilian Western”, by René Sampaio, are also part of Barry Company’s portfolio. Its infrastructure allows a fast work with full control in all of the stages of production.

With over 50 professionals and approximately 40 collaborators monthly, a vast collection of objects and costumes and 10 stations of post-production with top equipment, Barry Company works in different formats of audiovisual projects, from the development to the post-production. Currently, the company is in production of Sampaio’s new feature film, “Eduardo e Mônica”, inspired in the legendary song by Renato Russo and is preparing to release the original series “Impure”, a coproduction with FOX for the channel FOX Premium.